Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thoughts on nesting........

It is the time of year that I start preparing for winter, or as I like to refer to it, nesting.
I’ve cleaned out my flower pots, and moved the lawn furniture and planters in to protect them from the winter snow and ice. I’ve had the car maintenanced, the antifreeze checked, and the tires rotated.

I have been stocking up the pantry with specials on chicken and beef broth for those winter soups and stews, and making pots of ham and beans, and chili, cheese soup, and minestrone to go into the freezer. I’ve been watching my freezer and pantry fill up with applesauce, and apple butter. In the old days they called it “laying by”, stocking up, etc. I call it nesting because I am quite literally feathering the ‘ol nest for winter.

I’ve come across several blogs on the internet that encourages this and after reading their instructions, I realize that by being raised by a mother who grew up in the depression, I have done these things all my life; they are second nature to me I just thought everyone knew it, and did it too. NEWS FLASH! They don’t.

It is such a nice feeling to be able to tell Rog when he is scavenging for “something baked or sweet” that there is a container of homemade cookies in the freezer (actually there are several, but I only tell him about the one or they would all disappear in rapid succession :). If I come down with a cold or (God forbid) the flu, we have soup that needs simply to be thawed, and frozen muffins in the freezer.

My sisters and I used to joke that we could have survived out of my Mothers’ cupboards and freezers for months without going to the store, and I find myself doing the same thing. Anymore I hate going to the store, prices are enough of a deterrent if nothing else. As the days are getting short, and the wind is chilly, and the trees and flowers are hiding for the winter, I’m preparing to do as close to the same thing as I can.