Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mercy Street

For those of you who read my blog with any regularity and are familiar with the Rare Rocks, and Serenity Now blogs, let me introduce you to their mother, Kathy Nickerson and her blog Mercy Street. (featured in my side bar under Favorite Blogs)
Kathy and Wendell are friends of Roger from High School.
The first time I met them I was a guest in their home not a day or two after Kathy had come home from the hospital from bringing Serenity into the world, and Felicity was but 15 months old. I remember Kathy smiled all the time, she was gracious, generous, and welcoming. Not many months later they along with another couple from H.S. drove the 5 hours for our wedding.
Every 5 years we returned to Kirksville to those reunions, always staying with or at least spending the greater part of our time with the Nickerson’s. Not until I had children of my own did the reality of what Kathy had done on that first visit, welcoming someone she didn’t know into her home just days after giving birth, sink into my thick skull. (I learned then, that guys are not real aware when it comes to certain things!!) I learned through the years of visiting and staying with Wendell and Kathy that the reality of it is that Kathy is that gracious and welcoming, going with the flow and allowing life to wash over her every time I’ve ever been around her. I KNOW that is one of the reasons I am looking forward to reading what she posts on her blog. She has a perspective on things that I have always admired. How she sees the world and the people in it are a reflection of her heart, one that I feel was touched by God long before she was even aware of it.
Just a few months ago I was in a book store, perusing the magazines. I ran across Discipleship Journal, and its counterpart Pray magazine. I purchased them both, anticipating a good read, and a hot cup of tea upon returning home. As I thumbed through the Discipleship Journal I began reading an article about finding our family history in the pages of the Bible. As I finished the article, I noticed the author’s picture at the bottom of the page with a small quip about them. I looked twice, and sure enough smiling back at me was Kathy's familiar face, having just shared with me a small part of the encouragement that she finds in being a child of God.
I am anticipating her words, and hope you will too.