Thursday, October 23, 2008

An Excerpt........

When the sun rises I work:
When the sun sets I rest.
I dig the well to drink;
I plow the field to eat.
What has the Emperor to do with me?
(A Chinese Country Folk Song)

I’ve read several books by Pearl S. Buck. (I actually found a small set of them on our trip up north in an antique store). For those who are not familiar with her writings, she wrote "The Good Earth". She was the daughter of American missionaries to China. She spent her childhood years there, growing up among the Chinese people and learning to love them for who they were. This is an excerpt from her book “My Several Worlds”. This is not the first of her observations of the Chinese people to ring strikingly familiar chords to what we are hearing in our own country at this time. Mind you this was written in 1951 about life in China during the early 1930’s………

As a matter of fact, the Chinese had always governed themselves. They distrusted governments and even held them in contempt. They were cynical to the last degree about official honesty and their ancient adage is that the best government is the one that governs least. And the Chinese people were quite capable of self-government. Their traditional family system was a sound basis for a new kind of modern democracy. In China, before Communism began its destructive work on the family system, there was no need for the expense of institutionalism which lies so heavily upon our own democracy. There were no orphanages, for the family as a whole remained responsible for the care of the child who had lost his immediate parents. There were no insane asylums, for the family cared for its insane. As a matter of fact, there were very few insane, for the family system provided individual security without disgrace, and thus removed one of the main causes of modern insanity, the lost individual. There needed to be no relief rolls, for again the family as a whole cared for its members who were jobless. Only in time of widespread famine and catastrophe did there have to be outside help. Business was stable in a large middle class, for the generations carried it on in the same family. The family was morally responsible for each of its members, and the disgrace of any member was a family disgrace.
Could Sun Tat-sen and his followers, and this includes the later Nationalist Government under Chaing Kai-shek, have understood the value of this family system and have built upon it, there is no doubt that Communism would not be ruling in China today. One proof of this is that the Communists have made their main attack upon the family system.

Isn’t it amazing that God set up the family the way he intended it to be, and as man has tried to alter, and even destroy it, he, in the process, has destroyed and inflicted injury on the very society he lives in?