Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Avatar.....only a movie.

Well we finally saw IT!!

The movie that I think that has received the most hype this year so far.


Was I impressed? Well……………..

I want to preface this “review” with a disclaimer that Roger and I watch A LOT of movies. We don’t get television, so we watch movies through Netflix

And lets also just say that in the book of Ecclesiastes where it says, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Yeah, there isn’t.

So when I watched Avatar expecting all new, all exciting, I was to say the least disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, the special effects were beautiful, and fun to see, the colors brilliant, and I’m sure on the big screen in 3-D………WOW!!!. As I told Audrey, “Can you imagine sitting in an IMAX theatre and watching that!?” If that was what he was going for then I’m quite sure he accomplished it; in spades.

I remember the first time I watched Jurassic Park, by the end of the movie I had to sit there and remind myself, that those dinosaurs were not real, and that there never was such a thing as a Velociraptor. THOSE were some awesome special effects, and made me forget for a moment that somewhere in the world those things didn’t still exist.

When I saw the Matrix for the first time I was blown away by the special affects and marveled at the explanation on the DVD after the movie just exactly how they did it. Both of those movies were considered ground breaking in special effects. Avatar was not; at least not to me.

I felt like I was watching a really intricate carton, with reality scenes sprinkled throughout. It never did remotely resemble anything that I could get caught up in to the point that I’d forget it was “just a movie”. And as far as the story line went? Can you say Dances with Wolfs meets Fern Gully and the Matrix?

The story line reminded us of the Native Americans being driven out of their home in Dances with Wolfs, and only a few having the insight into the mistake of it all.

The tree, Mother Earth, and Nature as God, possessing healing powers to restore and redeem reminded me of Fern Gully the carton that came out when the kids were little that promoted the saving of the Rain Forests, right down to the bulldozers plowing in and destroying the forest.

Many of the special effects, i.e. the man driven robots were straight out of the Matrix, and the whole chase scenes in the forest reminded me of……….wait for it………..Star Wars.
It was an old story told a new way. James Cameron had a message that he wanted to get out there, and put new bells and whistles on it to see if it would be heard (or sell).

It wasn’t that I disliked it; I’d probably watch it again, just to get to see some of those special effects again, but as far as toting it as the best movie of the year? Nope, can’t do it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gods Self Control

We have been studying The Covenant in our small group at church. We have also been going through the series That the World May Know in our Sunday school class. Both of which take you into the covenant making practice of the days of Abraham and before.

As I read about the covenant, and am brought full face for the need for it I am reminded of the Control that Our God practices in the encounters throughout scripture with sin and its author Satan.

The reading of scripture reveals a powerful God, and awesome God. He is the one who parts the sea with the blast of His nostrils, the one who makes the Sun stand still, who stores the hail in warehouses, who delivers with a small company or an innumerable host, who hurls the stars and galaxies into their place. His powers are unimaginable. The best in special effects won’t capture them.


That same God did not step in when Eve and Adam believed the serpent. God this Holy, Magnificent, Almighty, and All Powerful creator of the universe who could have conquered Satan right then, right there and stopped all this, the thievery of the soul of man--allowed it. He stood back and allowed it to happen for the sake of those He loved……… He had a better plan, a better way.

He could have dealt with Satan when he was tempting Him in the desert after those 40 days and nights. He could have conquered him in the garden of Gethsemane instead of sweating great drops of blood and asking to be delivered from what lay ahead of Him, but He didn’t. He controlled His strength and rage, and anger with compassion, and mercy and love.
He remained silent when He could have silenced.
He was led so that He could lead.
When I read of God and the coming of Christ, I realize AGAIN that the staying of God’s hand for all this time has been for us, for our sake.

His self-control is almost more awesome than His power when you consider what He DOESN’T do—but could.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Samuel Bruce Cerretti born on April 9th, weighing in at 8 lbs. and 13 oz. and 20.5 inches long. Whew!! He his finally here.......what a relief, and what a joy!