Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer with Sam

Samuel-2 years old

As you can tell I haven’t been doing a lot of writing. I’ve been spending my days with a two year old—picture whatever might come to mind in regard to little two year old boys, and summertime.

Gearing up for an Easter Egg Hunt

Blowing Bubbles

Since his birthday in April where we celebrated on Easter Sunday, he has learned to hunt Easter Eggs, make bubbles, eat his cereal from the bowl, picking up the bowl to polish off the milk.

He and Lily are full blown play mates. Life becomes more exciting the minute she comes in from outside. Tug of war and tag are two of their favorites with squeals of delight and peals of belly laughter.

We water Grandma’s endless amounts of flowers, and try to handle the yard equipment if possible, testing to see if the mower seat will fit yet, and if we are taller than the weed eater.

He drives his car Aunt Audrey gave him last year for Christmas, sometimes trying new positions--standing and sitting, or just pushing it to see what will work best.

He shops with Grandma, helping her to decide on a new hat for her trip to Phoenix trying them all on, howbeit upside down.

Of course he plays in the pool, and with the hose. There isn’t a day goes by that we don’t get soaked and go through a couple of outfits. Even with a glass of ice water, drinking from the hose is just more fun.

He isn’t always on the move. Sometimes, just sometimes, he stands with the wind blowing in his face looking off at the cows in the pasture next door, or the horses, and walks over and feels the grass that comes almost to his shoulders, and ponders. You can see his little wheels turning as he looks up in the sky, and just watches a hawk sail over head.

So that is what Sam has been doing this summer so far, and Grandma is keeping up……….. pretty well. Just thought I’d give you a peek into our days and what I've been doing…………instead of blogging.