Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas letters......or snail mail.

Our Holiday Greeting...........

Yes, I still send snail mail Christmas cards and a Christmas letter. 

I was going to forgo the annual Christmas letter and cards this year, and just post this on my blog directing friends from Facebook to read it here. But then as I sat and looked at my Christmas card holder with only a few cards in it, I realized that if I did that Roger would not get to enjoy the Christmas greetings that we have received for the past 39 years that only come through the U.S. Mail service. 

You see, I'm married to man who just this year got his first I Phone, even though it isn't connected to the internet, and learned to send text messages. He doesn't have a Facebook page, and prefers it that way, and doesn't have a clue as to how to check the company e-mail. I am the sole reason that we are on the internet at all. 

Because of this, I realized that Christmas would be woefully void of news, updates, pictures, and catching up that we both so look forward to from friends and family each year. For it seems that when you send a Christmas greeting, you usually receive one in return.

Plus if you are like me, you have other friends that are not on the internet, and who look forward to your updates, just like you look forward to theirs. So I will continue to use the old snail mail method, however, is the internet version of our Christmas letter.

Merry Christmas!!!!!

2015 is almost over! Hard to believe as we are still plugging along and doing pretty much all the same stuff we usually do. 

Roger and Nicolas are still busy building beautiful new homes in Emporia with the occasional remodel and installing those gorgeous custom kitchens. We are thankful for the work, and hoping for some milder weather so they can get their current project enclosed. 

I continue to share half of my days with Samuel when he isn't in school, and keep the home fires burning. I celebrated my 60th birthday in March with all the kiddo's being here and celebrating to the max...I don't really FEEL any older!?!? 

Audrey and Paul Coleman surprised us in May with an elopement. 5-15-15 will be an easy date to remember and anniversary. We are very happy for them both, and thrilled to have Paul as part of our family. They continue to reside in Phoenix and work at the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant. 

Nic and Melissa are still here with Nic continuing to work with Roger while Melissa is closing in on that graduation date in May of 2016. She is so ready to be done with school and able to use her nursing skills. We are just as excited for her. There will be celebrating!! 

Sam is 5 years old, and is in his last year of Pre-K at Lords Lamb Preschool. He is growing up so fast Grandma is having a hard time keeping up some days. He is a great little helper. He loves to cook, help plant flowers and rake leaves and anything else that might be filling Grandma's days. He will start Kindergarten next year and I'm going to miss him terribly!  

We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 

                                        Hoping 2016 hold all the best of God's                                            blessing for you and yours!!   

Roger & Andrea