Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter and Rights

Jesus never addressed the issue of homosexuality specifically in the gospels. Perhaps that is because He, being God, had a way of keeping things in perspective that the rest of us seem to struggle with. 

Sin is Sin.  

Jesus was big on rights though. The story of the woman caught in adultery comes to mind. Nobody was screaming about her rights, and when Jesus stepped into the midst of the scene, no one’s rights were addressed. He didn’t condone her lifestyle, behavior, or choices. He could see firsthand she was living with the consequences of all of it. But he did address her treatment by mankind…..that before they go “casting stones” they would do a self check of their own hearts and see if any of them were worthy to judge and punish. They were not. 

The entire Bible is the word of God, and Jesus is referred to over and over in that word as “The Word”, he also quoted it many times and referred to the prophets throughout the gospel accounts. Let’s just say, He knew what the Bible said. 

He never addressed the issue of drunkenness either, yet he hung out with drunks. Obviously his feelings about their lifestyle of "winebibbing" didn’t affect his relationships with them.  

In all this issue of “gay rights” this week our family has been hit by some sad news. A friend of ours, a gay friend, who is a recovering drug addict is probably going to lose their job due to a positive drug test, and has been diagnosed with HIV.  

Sort of puts things in perspective huh? 

All the “rights” in the world won’t change the fact that this person is now dealing with consequences of their choices; choices that I personally had no part in. But will we, as a family, help them deal with those consequences? You bet we will.  

You see our friendship and love doesn’t have anything to do with “rights”. And I know that as our friend shared this news their “rights” were the last thing on their mind. Abandonment, shame, sorrow and fear were the paramount issues that came up.  Who wants to experience those? 

They know our beliefs on homosexuality, but more importantly, they know we believe in a Savior who has called us to love unconditionally. They have seen our family in action enough to know that they could come to us, fall on us, share with us, and open themselves up because our love of Jesus and them would affect our behavior and response. They are counting on our love; God’s love that comes through us. Our rights, their rights aren’t really gonna matter in the midst of this fallout from the consequences of choices, but our love for Jesus will; and they know that. Isn’t that what we want them to know?

This is Holy Week, Good Friday has come and gone. The hopelessness that the disciples felt that Friday is surrounding our friend right now. I want them to know that “Sunday is coming”, both literally and figuratively. Jesus died for them as much as He did for me. He makes no distinction. He died for us all. And He rose from the dead for ALL of us too. Jesus death and resurrection is for everyone. The big question for me here is; how can I help our friend know THAT Jesus, that the peace I have, they will have too? Even in the midst of the coming storm? Isn’t that the ultimate help and healing, which I would and should want for everyone?

As I pray for our friend, I ask you to join me. There are dark and hard days ahead for them. I will pray for them as I would anyone else and minister as I can. Only Jesus really knows the condition of their heart. I will keep this in mind, and ask for Jesus to help me with the condition of mine, and perhaps He will heal and restore all of us to the people He desires us to be.