Saturday, November 22, 2008

OH! Happy Day!

I love “Happy Days”. No not the T.V. show, but the actual happy days, when your socks get blessed off by all of Gods goodness in one instant.

My happy day is today when I opened my e-mail and found more pictures of my new great-nephew Holton. The following picture was my happy day moment. That is my sister Anita holding her first grandchild.

My sister Anita, 9 years older than me, who used to cry when I received a spanking, and who made a special trip to K-State when I attended college there to talk me out of quitting school, who was the matron of honor at my wedding, who has loved my children unconditionally, and talked me through more than one parenting crisis. Who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and walked to deaths door and back undergoing treatments, and who waited 10 years to become a grandma; IS ONE!

I cried when she called and told me she was going to be a Grandma, because during those days of battling cancer, of baldness, and weakness, and nausea, and a literal inability sometimes to get out of bed, she shared with me her knowledge that no matter what happened, she knew “everything will be alright.” She meant that no matter, live or die, her assurance was that God MUST know what He is doing, and she put her life in his hands trusting Him fully with the possibility of getting to experience that moment pictured above.

I watched her during that time; we talked, sometimes every day. I went down often to see her; not as often as I wanted, but as I could. I knew she was growing spiritually every day. She kept a diary of all the marvelous, and some out right miraculous things that God did for them during that time, but I know as she sat and looked at Holton this last Tuesday, she knew that this child in her arms surpassed all those marvelous things that we laughed and rejoiced over during the cancer.

So this was my HAPPY DAY when I opened the e-mail (thank you Casie), and saw my sister holding what I know she would say is, next to knowing Jesus, the most marvelous and downright miraculous thing God has ever done for her.


  1. Andrea,
    I found my way to your blog through my friend Serenity's blog. I've been reading your blog for a while now and have truly enjoyed your posts!

    This picture and the story behind it is so very, very touching! Moments like the one pictured here, make me stand in appreciation and in awe of God's love for us! Who could have known in your sister's battle with cancer that she would sit here today holding her precious granchild.

    Thanks for sharing this precious moment with us.

  2. I love it when life trumps death. We know that it works that way in the big picture - in the long run I guess. But to get glimpses of it here on earth keeps us believing I think.

  3. I'm celebrating with you!!!!
    (by the way, Cheri is Felicity's marvelous mother-in-law and graciously shares the grandchildren with me) :)

  4. WONDERFUL!! Thank you for putting that connection together for me, and congratulations to all of you at the birth of Nola! I have every confidence that she will grow up to be another wonderful "Nickerson girl".