Monday, March 29, 2010

......but I’ve never been more thankful for the hope of Eternity. I’ve never been more certain of its usefulness to the peacefulness of my heart today.
--Felicity White--

Thank you Felicity.........thank you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting to the bottom of it............

March is almost over, and April is right around the corner and with it the anticipated birth of our first grandchild-a boy.

We are beginning to realize there is going to be a new member in our family activities. As I helped Missy unpack the boxes of washed baby clothes, with socks so tiny two of my fingers barely fit, I realized that the bassinet set up in the corner of the room was really going to have a tiny little boy tucked in there in just a few more weeks.

I can honestly say I’m getting excited and looking forward to getting to meet this, the newest member of our family.

So many questions run through my mind, not so much about what he will look like, but what he will be like. Will he have Nic’s sense of humor? Will he laugh easily like Missy? Will he be soft hearted like them both? Will he love animals? Will he like to be outdoors? These are the things I thought of as I put tiny little diapers in the dresser, and folded the receiving blankets. As I put a load of items in the washer to wash so they too could be added to the prepared items, I looked at all the little Oshkosh overalls, one in every size from birth to 2 years. I remember my Dad loved to wear overalls; so do I. Will he be comfortable in them too? Will he want to be in the shop with his Grandpa and Dad? Will he be skilled in woodworking, and carpentry, or will his mind run to numbers like his mothers? So many questions. As Tom Hanks tells his son in Sleepless in Seattle in regard to getting to know the woman he is dating at the time—“These are things I am willing to try to get to the bottom of.”

I’m not into crosswords, or really puzzles of any kind, but I can’t think of the last time I was this excited to be meeting someone for the first time; especially someone who isn’t going to even be able to talk to me! But the mystery of getting to know this new little person is going to be one puzzle I’m not going to mind “getting to the bottom of.”

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I find myself asking "Why?" a lot to this situation I find myself in.

Why would these things be happening?

Why is this happening to US?


Job ask why too and God never told him.He answered his questions with questions and basically told Job--"It's not ABOUT you!"

I wonder how Job felt when he finally walked through the gates of heaven and saw the replay of his life. Found out that because of his blameless and upright life, and because he feared God, God had basically allowed Satan to reek havoc in his life?

Do you suppose he felt embarrased and ashamed of his behaviour during it all? Was he feeling a little sheepish at his own wailing and knashing of teeth?

The old story of the tapestry woven by the great weaver comes to mind. We only see a small part and it looks dark and ugly, till He turns it over, and we are awed by the beauty of the entire picture, and the way the dark colors set off the lighter ones. Together they make a beautiful picture.

We don't see the whole picture. Generations down the road, when we're no longer even here and maybe even forgotten, the "glory of God" will be revealed and it will all make sense.

In the mean time I've got friends, some like Job, who in their well meaning will offer advice and insight into what they know nothing about.

But I will seek God and continue to look to Him and Who HE is, and pray that His will, and His way will come to work in our lives through this situation. I will look to the blessing of my God for who He is and worship and praise Him!

Friday, March 5, 2010


I was reminded of something the other day as we were working on the kids house. It is coming along. It should be ready for them to move into sometime next week if all goes as planned. We are going through stages right now.

When I was a little girl Mother used to tell a story of how when my dad would express exhasperation with some of the things we kids were doing, my grandmother Horack (his Mother) would say, "Oh, it's just a stage they are going through." to which he would respond, "Yes, from one stage to another stage, to another stage........."

Nic's house project is being done "in stages". Main level first, get moved in, then work on the upstairs.

Roger and I have our own stages. The stage of going from empty nesters to not empty nesters back to being empty nesters to becoming grandparents and all the stages that will entail.

Missy has her own stage and all the perks of that lovely stage known as the third trimester. Fluid retention, stretch marks, weariness, and just feeling heavy.

Life IS a series of stages, Grandma Horack was right. My Dad learned, and I'm learning too, that it IS "one stage after another stage after another stage....."