Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why do you read?

People who blog, must be readers, so I relate the following story, and ask the following question:
My husband and I were discussing a book I am reading right now, “So Brave, Young, and Hansome” by Leif Enger. Roger has previously read the book because I actually bought this book FOR HIM, because reading the synopsis I thought he might like it. We had read the first book by this author, “Peace Like a River” and enjoyed it, so I figured I’d give #2 a shot.
Rog DID NOT like the book, so when I picked it up, and started reading it, I have to admit it was with somewhat of a negative bent.
His reason for not caring for it ran the gamut from, just “too wordy”, the guy said a lot while saying nothing, very little plot, etc. etc.(This from a man of few words, keep in mind),.
Now I readily admit that I am not a literature expert, I read simply for pleasure, and usually when my husband and I read the same book, which isn’t very often, we can come to some kind of similar opinion of it. However, as I started the book I got caught up in the language, the phrases he used, and actually found myself chuckling a few times. So when Rog came in from the shop and asked me where I was and I told him, I commented that I liked the book thus far, (I was over half way), and didn’t see what he didn’t like, he looked at me like “What did I miss?”
Now, I knew this would arouse questioning that would require specific answers; I was ready. (Do I know my husband or what?) I had pages earmarked with the particular phrases that had made me chuckle, or smile, or just caught my attention.

Phrases like: “In times of dread it’s good to have and old man along. An old man has seen worse.”
Or “I asked Hood what Kansas did for water before the windmill came—he replied, "Before the windmill there wasn’t no Kansas."”
Or one discourse between a Dr. and a man whom he has saved from death:
“Stay away from the black doors,” Clary whispered to Siringo, leaning forward.
“You’ll go through them before I do,” replied Siringo
“I’ll not go through them at all!” said the doctor.
“Got religion did you?”
“You are the completest argument for it I have ever met,” said Clary

When I read them to him, his comment was,
“Well, yea, I read that too, but………”
“You read books for the stories,” I commented, “I read them for the stories and the language they use to tell the story.”
He got a strange look on his face, (he also likes Readers Digest Condensed Books)
“Well, yea. What’s wrong with that?” “Nothing,” I replied, “if that is all you want to get out of it. Didn’t you learn that in literature class?”
“I didn’t take it.” He replied with a chuckle
End of discussion.
However, I did notice that night in bed with, he reading a book I had already read, and me reading the book he had already read, he started asking me my opinions and insights on the book he was reading currently. It was a fun discussion, but I told him “It’s just fiction. Don’t over think it, just enjoy it.” He grinned and read on.
So I ask you what do you get from reading a book?

Friday, September 26, 2008

For Myself as much as anyone.............

Our opinions, like our salvation, must be worked out with fear and trembling.
- Peter van Inwagen

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wordless Days

O.K. here is another one I blundered across. Wordless Days. No words, just pictures and some of them are simply outstanding. I enjoy a good picture book as much as I do a good novel (isn't that where photo albums originated?) Give it a peek, I think you will find some of her pictures lovely, and the blog is most aptly titled.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

All Passion Spent

I don’t feel that I have written anything of much depth lately, and I’m not sure this post is going to alter my track record, but I wanted to write about something that struck me today as I watched a movie that I had never seen.

It prompted me to ask the question: “Did people actually treat each other with such respect and civility? Also, have our language skills i.e. vocabulary, elocution, general verbal delivery in conversation, changed that much?

I watched a movie today that to say it is obscure is probably an understatement especially here in the United States.

It is called “All Passion Spent”.

We are members of NetFlix, and because of that I have the luxury of really reading and studying about a movie before I order it. This was one of them. Now I will readily admit to liking English Movies: Pride & Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, 84 Charing Cross Road, Howards End, The Remains of the Day, Becoming Jane, Persuasion, Mansfield Park, etc. so I consider myself up on a good many of them.

I won’t tell you what the movie was about, Rog declined to watch it, because he knew he would fall asleep:). That aside, the thing that struck me in this movie and the others I watch were:

1) The time that was taken in greeting someone hello, and bidding someone farewell. It was considered discourteous to blunder into a room, or leave to quickly before the proper courtesies were paid to the host or hostess. We hosted a party for our S.S. class on Sat. night and peoples practices of arriving and departing our home were worlds apart from the care that was taken in that ere.

2) The care given to expressing oneself. I’m sure people spoke hastily in those days as they do now, but I can’t think that it was the norm that it is now. The proper wording of thoughts so beautifully delivered. Now this is where you say, that is the writer’s job, but I find people write in the style they speak most of the time, so those writers wrote in the style they spoke and were spoken to. It was reflected in their work.

3) The language over all. Vocabulary, delivery, all so different from now, I don’t know if it is because I am a woman who likes romances, (mind you only certain ones), but I find one of the things I like about these kind of movies is the language, it sounds intelligent, well read, informed, and shows self control. (and no it isn't just the English Accent) Roger and I both find when we watch movies like that, we have to listen more carefully, and pay sharper attention.

I know life was far from perfect in those days, and many of the stories feature the aristocracy, or moneyed folk who were educated, and “well breed”. Either way, I wish sometimes we would slow down and take the time to really think about what we are saying to others, and how we address people, and listen to ourselves speak. I think it would inspire us. I think it would make us kinder. I think it would change us.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall Days

Fall is here, and with all the mowing I've been doing I am very aware of the changes in nature. We don't get the wonderful color of the mapels in this part of the world, but we do have some of our own color. (Can you believe I didn't eat one of these beauties)
The Neighbors apple tree.....

Heavy with apples.......

Some color in our back yard

The taaalll bluestem

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vote Smart

O.K. you know how I am always telling you to "do your homework" on who you are going to vote for? (Sorry, years of being a homeschooling mom) Here is the link to the website with the candidates voting records. Just click on the title of this blog, Vote Smart, and it will take you there. You can pull up the issue you are most interested in how they voted.
You will receive a grade, but there will be no test:)

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Kitchen Sink Shrine by the Kitchen Madonna

KM's Kitchen Sink Shrine
Finding God Amongst the Pots & Pans (06/28/06)

Great saints of the Church have known that God may be found while elbow deep in suds and dirty dishes. Saint Teresa of Avila claimed that “The Lord walks among the pots and pans.” Her spiritual son (generations removed) St. Lawrence of the Resurrection, a humble monastery cook and clean-up guy, is famous for his conversations with a learned bishop about how to practice the Presence of God while washing pots and pans. His surprising approach to the spiritual life is studied to this day.

For this reason, the kitchen madonna has a kitchen sink shrine. On the windowsill there are holy cards, statuettes, a miniature tea set, printed prayers, prayer list, and dried roses. And of course that greatest rotating display: first clean dishes, then dirty dishes, clean dishes again, nasty pots, clean pans and so it goes.

This is where the action is.
Spiritual battle isn't for sissies.

(Where is that group discount on dishwashing gloves and heavy-duty hand lotion?)

Those of you reading are probably asking yourselves "Why would you post pictures of dirty dishes, and soapy dishwater!?!? Because reading the Kitchen Madonna's post on the Kitchen Sink Shrine made me realize that most of us have one, without realizing it or not. If you are a wife, mother, or if you do dishes at all, and who doesn't, I think you will relate. Without realizing it, I have one item from each of my sisters,and a scripture reminder the Lord gave me right after Mother passed away, when my days seemed so empty.
From Anita

From Amy

From Alane

Whats on your windowsill?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Don't Panic!?!?

I am updating, and "tweeking" the blog a bit, so bear with me. In the meantime, check out the new site in my list of favorite blogs; especially the latest on Chromosomal Barrier. Who knew that one little baby boy could make such a difference........oh wait WE DID, but His name was JESUS!!!

A Joke

Thank you Queen Latifah!

A finicky diner asks her waiter, "How do you prepare your chicken?"
The waiter says, "Nothing special, miss. We just tell them straight they're going to die."

I'm sorry, but THAT is funny :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah who??

Palin, Palin, Palin! If you are on the internet at all, you can’t get away from the name, the woman, or something about her. Today when I was driving in to town I had the radio on, and there she was again. Don’t get me wrong, I have an opinion about Sarah Palin, but that isn’t the reason for this blog.
You know we have a woman governor in the state of Kansas, and I don’t know anything about her personal life. I couldn’t tell you how many kids she has, and I don’t know what her husband does or doesn’t do. I know her politics though, that I do know.
I like Sarah Palin, I like the fact that she is a “nobody”, an unknown. This obsession reminds me of the obsession our nation seems to have with Hollywood. That is why Brad Pitt and Angelina Joli were able to sell their twins pictures for $14 million dollars or more. I don’t understand what this has to do with her politics? That may sound like a naive question, but think about it really. What did anybody know about the personal life of Abraham Lincoln at the time, or Franklin Roosevelt- let’s face it; if people had known he was in a wheelchair would he have been elected President? WHAT ARE HER POLITICAL CONVICTIONS? She seems to be quite open about them, and as long as they keep giving her the air time, we may find out; but I'll still do my homework. And if you sit back and think the press, or media are going to present a “clear and balanced” picture, think again. Oh, and by the way, someone besides me is fed up too, and FINALLY someone has put the hammer down on some of the media pundits over at MSNBC who haven’t learned the difference between “news” and “opinions”, or simply when to SHUT THEIR MOUTHS. WOHOOO!! Check out the story on Yahoo.com News.
Whoops there I go again!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

You can't legislate morality....or something like that

There is a big discussion going on in the city of Emporia right now about banning smoking in public places. Everyone has thier side, and opinion, but I did find one friend of ours, a woman who grew up in Romanina during the overthrow of Ceau┼čescu, interesting. She knows what it is to live in a Communist country and be controlled by the govt. She has a daughter that her father has only seen one time, be cause she hasn't been back to Romania since the baby was born 4 years ago, and her father isn't permitted to come to the United States because he still works, her mother is considered retired thus can come and visit.
Our friend stated the other night at a dinner she was attending that she didn't feel they should ban smoking in public places. Now at a dinner table of Conservative Christions when she said it you could have heard a pin drop. Needless to say, she was encouraged to explain her statement. She continued, "That's how it happens. First they take your right to smoke in public places, then they take your guns." You really couldn't argue with her logic, she had seen it happen first hand. She has a valid point, but lets take that to the abortion issue (ooo Hot topic!) First they take your rights of what you do to your own body, and then they take your guns. Isn't that what the abortion advocates would say?
I always like to travel back in time, so lets take a little trip. What if they controlled your choice to get pregnant in the first place (like China), that would do away with the NEED for abortion. Just like if they banned cigaretts all together no one would smoke, then the issue of smoking in public places would be mute wouldn't it? How far can we take this?
We as Christians tell people that God is a gentleman, and will not force you to love him. It is a choice. Maybe you don't think you can compare God's love to wanting a cigarette, or having an abortion but believe me with the thinking out there now a days, there are people that do.
You know what they say. You can't legislate morality......or something like that.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


O.K. I am not a “political person” and I have said I was not going to use this blog to blog about politics, God knows there are enough others out there doing it for us, but this blog isn’t about politics, it is about the media that are supposedly reporting (or they call it that) about the Presidential race.
There are SO many words that come to mind right now to describe how the media is and isn’t handling the information in this presidential race.
Politics has become the piranha feast that it is, and we in the public perceive it to be, because of the media feeding frenzy that goes on all around it. When I think of all the highly qualified individuals in this country who could and should run for public office for the good of their fellow man and the country, and won’t because they openly admit they don’t want their private lives drug through the sludge and mud that the media invariably seems to do, and the public has come to expect, and passes for “reporting”, it makes me sick!
Roger and I don’t have television anymore, and only use our TV for watching movies. All the news we get is on the radio, or on the internet, or out of the paper but it doesn’t matter where you turn, the bias, one way or another is unbelievable. I read and watch some things on the internet, and after I've watched it and hear the media reporting that goes on afterwards, I ask "did we hear the same thing?" "Were you really sitting there listening?" If they were, they either spin it to be what they want it to be or feel free to offer thier opinion which last time I checked, WASN'T NEWS, BUT SIMPLY AN OPINION!!! (Rog would say I am getting worked up, I guess somebody should).
It is time for the public in this country to start demanding accountability and accuracy in the media’s “performance”. But then if we don’t demand it of our elected officials why would we demand it of those that report about their choices and behaviors.
I will vote Nov. 4th, but I am going to do my level best to do it based on information that I have gotten, not from the media, but by my own research, something I recommend to others as well. I’m tired of being told half truths, or someone elses’ version of the truth, or not the truth at all.
There I’m done. Thanks for reading, and GOD BLESS AMERICA..........PLEASE!!!!