Monday, December 8, 2008

A Boy and His Dog

Nic and Lady

There are certain things about certain memories that stick out in your mind. When I have memories of Nicolas as a little boy, or even older they always include a dog. We have always had a dog around as long as our kids have been around. First a Golden Retriever when Audrey was just a toddler, someone stole him. Then a stray Pit Bull we got rid of when the kids were really small and a Collie, that got hit by a car. When Tess the Collie got hit by the car, and our kids were devastated by the loss, we decided that as long as we continued to live on the highway, there would be no more dogs—we couldn’t stand the heartache.
When we moved into our new house, Nic was 10 and Audrey 11, we hadn’t been there a month, when we got a puppy. She grew, and grew and grew, and we never knew for sure just exactly what kind of dog she was, but she was gentle, even tempered, and BIG. We joked that we always knew Nic needed a large animal to play with and it was either a gorilla or a REALLY BIG dog; we opted for the dog. Lady lived for 13 years, and I always told her she had to stick it out till Nic left home because I wasn't sure what I would do with Nic if anything ever happened to her. She went everywhere with him, down into the woods, to the ponds to fish, she was just ALWAYS around. Her health finally got so bad, that one week after Nic graduated from college, and had moved out we had her put down.
Nothing has changed; Nic still loves to play with “the dog”. While he has been home helping Roger pour concrete on the job, he has been getting acquainted with Lily again (he was here when we got her).
Lily loved Nic, he actually took her out in the yard and ran with her, chased her, and threw things for her to chase. (We do these things too, but not with the vim and vigor of a 25 yr old) I captured one picture through the kitchen window (yes, I need to wash the window) which ignited that memory I was thinking of. Nic hugging the dog after a good run, he did that when he was little with our big dog Lady too, only she was the bigger one of the pair then.
Poor Lily didn’t quite know what to think when this really fun person would bend down and scoop her up, but she loved the game, and the guy playing it

It was sooooooo fun to see the grins on their faces when Nic was home. I just had to capture it, and share it. It made Roger and I smile, and laugh, hope it does the same for you.