Sunday, March 7, 2010


I find myself asking "Why?" a lot to this situation I find myself in.

Why would these things be happening?

Why is this happening to US?


Job ask why too and God never told him.He answered his questions with questions and basically told Job--"It's not ABOUT you!"

I wonder how Job felt when he finally walked through the gates of heaven and saw the replay of his life. Found out that because of his blameless and upright life, and because he feared God, God had basically allowed Satan to reek havoc in his life?

Do you suppose he felt embarrased and ashamed of his behaviour during it all? Was he feeling a little sheepish at his own wailing and knashing of teeth?

The old story of the tapestry woven by the great weaver comes to mind. We only see a small part and it looks dark and ugly, till He turns it over, and we are awed by the beauty of the entire picture, and the way the dark colors set off the lighter ones. Together they make a beautiful picture.

We don't see the whole picture. Generations down the road, when we're no longer even here and maybe even forgotten, the "glory of God" will be revealed and it will all make sense.

In the mean time I've got friends, some like Job, who in their well meaning will offer advice and insight into what they know nothing about.

But I will seek God and continue to look to Him and Who HE is, and pray that His will, and His way will come to work in our lives through this situation. I will look to the blessing of my God for who He is and worship and praise Him!