Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Nina left this morning. Shiuvaun came a few weeks ago. Two friends who when they found out that Mother had passed away, called and said, “I’m coming to see you.” We made plans and sure enough they did.
I have friends that “visit” with me. I have other friends who don’t live close enough to come and visit, but have made that effort to call me and chat for a long enough period of time, I’m sure their phone bills reflect their sacrifice in time—but I appreciate it so much.
In the southern vernacular where I grew up, it wasn’t referred to as “talking”—i.e. “We are talking right now.”—it was ‘visiting’ with someone. You went over to visit someone on Sun. afternoon after church, or you had someone come and visit. There is a difference between talking and visiting. Talking is communication through verbal encounter, visiting can be talking, but is also being present in someone’s life, and maybe you talk, maybe you don’t, maybe you are there for moral support and comfort, without uttering a word. That is a visit. That is what my friends do for me. We talk about anything and everything. Or we just sit and be quiet, just savoring the presence of the others company.
Shiuvaun and Nina are two of my “oldest” (meaning length of time I’ve known them), and dearest friends.
We have a history, but it doesn’t matter how long it has been since we’ve seen each other, we pick back up, and take off, like we have never been apart, and yet because we are apart, we appreciate every minute we are together.
Our histories are familiar and comforting to us and the present is a gift, and the future, not something we take for granted.
Their visits during the past month, have been like a breath of fresh air. I don’t think they will either one know how much it helped me, and boosted me, and encouraged me.
It is funny what an afternoon, or evening or a “sleepover” with a friend can do for ones moral. I feel cared about by someone besides my family (don’t get me wrong I love that, but it is "family"). This is different, this is someone who just likes me enough to make a sacrifice in time to come and spend time with me, to help me over a difficult time, of missing someone else in my life; what special people they are! Thank you ladies!