Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tag:Nearest Book

O.K. I’ll play the game, and by the way, I feel honored to be asked

The nearest book at my desk is one I had carried downstairs to put away after I had read it again for the third time. The Jesus I Never Knew. This is the book that made me a Phillip Yancy fan. I’ve read most of his books, but this is by far my favorite; but after all look at the subject matter. He describes a Jesus I would be challenged by meeting, which I think is the exact effect he is supposed to have on us.

The chapter this excerpt comes from is on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, and teachings on the Beatitudes. He ends the segment on the particular beatitude–"Blessed are the peacemakers…Blessed are those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness." referring to the time in 1989 when many of the nations in Eastern Europe used non-violent means to stop the oppression of Communism:

In many of these places, especially the nations of Eastern Europe, the Christian church led the way. Protesters marched through the streets carrying candles, singing hymns, and praying. As in Joshua’s day, the walls came tumbling down.

I remember those days, when “the Wall” came tumbling down. It was so exciting, to see people chipping away at it, huge portions falling away, the reunions of families who hadn’t seen each other in years. The joy, tears, the hope! Am I aging myself? You bet. Some times were definitely worth living through.
I can't tag five, but I'll tag Shiuvaun I KNOW she has a book on her desk, it will just be WHICH ONE!!