Thursday, February 21, 2008

Friends with thoughts

I added an "element" to my blog today, Favorite Blogs. These are two young ladies whom I have known since they were quite short, perhaps newborn. I find thier thoughts provoking, and encouraging, and stimulating, and silly (yes some of those Serenity, have made me laugh out loud, THANK YOU!!)and thoughtful.
They are deemed in my opinion worth reading. They will inspire, and give you a new way to think, on a positive and encouraging note, something the world needs in abundance.
Check them out and enjoy, and then go to Ungrind-I don't know her at all, and stumbled on the site quite by accident, but am enjoying the perspective there as well.


  1. Thank you, Andrea!

    One of my favorite pictures of me as a kid is of me sitting on your lap in a big overstuffed chair mom used to have. Roger is sitting there too, looking calm and happy as usual. I'm wearing denim overalls and a red checkered shirt. You have on a plaid shirt also and I wonder if I was trying to be like you?

    Your "babies" have grown up beautifully, so I'm kind of hoping I can be like you - at least a little bit!

  2. It makes me so happy that I have made you laugh! Thanks for advertising us little Nickerson girls. We're tickled pink.