Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas past........

It’s Christmas Eve, the first Christmas Eve and subsequent Christmas Day that we have spent without both of our children here at home.
Mothers my age have to go on memories, because the future is uncertain, and the present is, well, the present, and therefore, what it is. But the past is ahh, the past.
Tomorrow morning when Roger and I sleep in, and rise to a leisurely day of resting, and napping, we will remember the fun times past of Christmas with the excitement, and fun of children in the house, and the anticipation that came with Christmas morning. The time Grandpa and Grandma Roseberry drove up from Oxford sooooo early in the morning that they woke US up with a bang on the front door all because Nic had groaned about knowing that when Grandma and Grandpa usually came for Christmas, “we have to wait to open presents till they get here”. Grandpa decided to surprise us all by being right behind St. Nick in arriving at the crack of dawn to surprise and laughter, and the opening of presents early.
We have wonderful memories to look back on. Many wonderful Christmas’s with both the kids at home, and all that it entails. Christmas’s when we went to the Grandparents, and spent time with Aunts and Uncles and cousins. The experiences are many and varied, but I believe all wonderful.
Many are the wonderful memories, and we look so forward to the years ahead when we will make many more.