Thursday, January 8, 2009


It's been two months since Holton made his appearance into this world, and I finally got to meet him yesterday.
My original plan was to go to the hospital when he was born and get the "fresh from heaven" experience that so many people love when a baby is "fresh". However, with him being a month early, and going straight to the NICU no one but parents, and grandparents were allowed to see or touch; alas I am neither, so I waited....... I then made plans to go over the day after Christmas, but had a TERRIBLE cold (I think that is what it was), and didn't want the dubious distinction of giving him,or anyone else in his immediate domain, his first cold, especially since the Dr's had been adament about keeping him home and away from small children to further insure the safety of those tiny premature lungs.
It was beginning to look like he would be old enough to introduce himself to me at the rate things were moving but AT LAST, I saw, I held, and I relished the sweet baby sounds, the incredible smell of a tiny newborn, and the innocent helpless dependence of a "little bit of heaven" here on earth. He is, as any self-respecting great aunt would attest, perfect. Content, peaceful, and........yep, perfect...until I become a grandmother that is :)