Saturday, May 3, 2008

Life with Lily

Messes on the floor? Check!
Cutting Teeth? Check!
Rowdy, rambunctious play? Check!
Toys under foot? Check!
Nap times? Check!
Feedings? Check!

No it’s not a toddler, it’s Lily!

Over the last couple of weeks, I am seeing many similarities to the days of small children in the house, and having a small puppy in the house. I just wish I had been blessed with the wisdom and patience when my children were toddlers, which I seem to have more of now with this dog. Perhaps this is Gods gracious way of training me for grandkids.
I don’t find it difficult to stop what I thought needed to be done to sit down on the floor and play with Lily till she is worn out, and needs a nap. I don’t’ find it difficult to take her outside to teach her what needs to be DONE outside. I don’t mind the toys under foot, as they keep her from chewing on the furniture.
I’m not so surprised by the work involved of caring for a puppy, as I am by my reaction to it. She is fun and sweet and makes me laugh. Today she fell off the deck. Just got to going too fast, wasn’t watching what was out in front of her, and walked right off the deck. Fortunately it was only a foot off the ground, and when she recovered she sat there and looked around like she was making sure no one saw. I did. I was in the house, laughing so hard the tears ran and I had to sit down.
I told a friend last week at church that we had just got a puppy, and she acted like I was crazy for doing such a thing “at this time in my life”. I just grinned and told her I was having fun….she has no idea!