Saturday, November 24, 2007

"The Tree"

It is snowing. Two days after Thanksgiving and it is snowing. Just the sort of day I love to drag out the Christmas decorations, and put on some Christmas music, and put up the tree, and "dress the house up" for Christmas.
I didn't think I was ready, but when I looked outside and realized that this is exactly the kind of day you need to "get you in the mood" for Christmas, I'm kinda pumped.
It usually takes me about a week to decorate; shoot, it takes a full day, just to get the tree up. But I never minded that because the festivities always brought on a full house of family. This year will be different. Nic won't be home, having just been here for Thanksgiving, and Audrey and Ryan are going to be with his family, (we are taking turns), so it will be a quiet day. Initally I was thinking that would be so sad, but then I realized that I will be able to focus on the holiday itself, what it is all about, and maybe do something different in light of that fact. More on that later.......
Yes, I think I'll put up the Christmas tree today, and start the holiday porcess.....decorating, baking, gift wrapping, sending greetings, and cards.....