Thursday, June 24, 2010

To remember........

His body from the top of his head to the curve if his little bottom are the length of my forearm. He rests there now, so relaxed I can hear him breathing but feel no movement.

His eye lashes rest on his cheeks, and there is a little drop of droll coming from the corner of his mouth.

Skin so soft, nothing compares; to think, someday those, the softest of cheeks, will grow whiskers, the upper lip a mustache.

These are the moments that stop me in my tracks, this chance to sit here and hold this little piece of heaven.

Today as I rocked him after the bottle, with a full tummy and grinning from ear to ear I prayed for God to always let me remember these days, to always see this little face in my mind’s eye when it does have whiskers and maybe a mustache.

Oh, to remember……..


  1. The thing about grandchildren is that you can relax; you are not the parent. You are responsible only to love them & enjoy their company, and they to enjoy yours. When I first held Mackenzie, it was an experience like holding baby Jennifer, yet completely different. she looked like Jennifer, she felt a little like Jennifer, but she wasn't, and I wasn't her mother. I'm her Nana, and that's a bigger, more relaxed, more expansive role. I love it. Shiuvaun

  2. I love to read what youhave to say...and how you say it..he is lovely..and I know you will have many many more days of making lasting memories~