Thursday, May 7, 2009

Memories, Babies, Family, and Fun......

Roger and I don’t take many vacations, and when we do choose to get out of town, it is usually centered on visiting family.

This past weekend we went to Branson to connect with a few of Rogers siblings and see some all important nieces and nephews, and meet some new members of the Cerretti clan.
Catching up with and about everyone, finding out the latest on their kids whereabouts and activities is always good, but I have to admit that meeting the newest members of the family was the highlight of the trip for me.

These two little guys were a delight in every sense. Sawyer, 22 months, and his younger brother Henry 4 months, stole our hearts. They made us smile, and laugh, and ohh and ahh.

They brought back wonderful memories of when their daddy was that little, and we were much younger. Aunt Dorothy & Henry

They reminded us that the family will go on, and that time spent with little ones is precious, and special. Grandma and Sawyer

OH! We had a wonderful time! Can't you tell?