Thursday, March 6, 2008

Blogging.....what it me

I realized as I read Serenity’s blog spot’s “Love Me, Love My Friends”, that I have been welcomed into a community of people I don’t know at all, and can only glean information about them by reading what they post on their blog, which if they are like me is a fraction of their life.
That is OK I still feel honored to be included on that list, and hope I can live up to the mention of our name there.
Most of my thoughts expressed on my blog are ramblings by comparison to others I’ve read, then I realize that with the MILLIONS of blogs out there, I am a pin prick on the face of the blog world, and thus, just as insignificant as I can feel if I think about that right about now.
I have been a housewife and a stay at home mom for the past 31 years, who for 8 of those years homeschooled our two children. I have worked at various part time jobs outside the home the longest being a cleaning lady for various people. I cared for my mother the last three and one half years of her life while she underwent dialysis treatments. My life has been one of wife, mother, friend, companion, lover, teacher, maid, housekeeper, launderer, nurse, gardener, yard person, chauffer, etc. etc. etc……………the list goes on and on. I am as they say “a jack of all trades-master of none”.
I note that there seems to be a pervasive atmosphere in the world today that you must be “qualified” to do something. This involves a listing of accomplishments, initials after your name, and usually accompanied by a high dollar salary. Thus your opinion is valid, noteworthy, and worth listening to or reading.
I graduated from college with a degree in Interpersonal Communications, and did nothing with it—or didn’t I? I don’t have initials after my name, and I haven’t done anything that would be considered in certain circles as noteworthy, and my salary has been measured in hugs, kisses, “thanks you’s”, complaints, loads of laundry, meals cooked, gray hair, and an aging body. My life, by many, is considered mundane, and for those who count worth in dollars and cents, not worth much.
Am I qualified to give my opinion on politics, religion, sex, society or life in general? Some would say no, but others would give a resounding yes!
So I blog, I put my thoughts, ramblings’, musings, opinions, out there for my sake, because I NEED to write them down. I learned ALONG time ago that my value as a person didn’t come from what people think of me, but of what I think of them. The way I view and think of others says much more about me and who I am, than how I am thought of.
I enjoy this “blogging”, and reading others thoughts. I love that there are people out there like Serenity who can make me laugh out loud, or wipe a tear because I’ve known her all her life, and reading how she has let cancer impact her, encourages me that she is “getting it.” Or reading “I Come Undone”s picture of his hair upon arising in “Love Child”, and grinning from ear to ear, because as Greg Kinner character says to Jack Nicholson’s character in “As Good As It Gets”, “the biggest thing you have going for you is your not afraid to make a fool of yourself.” These are a few of the reasons I am enjoying this “blogging” thing, just reading, watching, and being a part of it all.