Friday, January 11, 2008

Mother's passing

Dear Family and Friends,
I want to send a short note before I go lie down to rest to inform you that Mother fell Tues. eve and broke the femur in her left leg. After determining that the extensive treatment that it would require, plus having to go to Wichita to continue dialysis, she made the decision to end her dialysis, knowing full well that this would be her ticket to heaven.

Wed. morning she called me early requesting my immediate presence at the hosp. When I arrived I found her to be awake but a little disoriented from the morphine. However, she was adamant when she asked me if I had “talked to the mortician?” Telling her it was a little premature, she was quite adamant that he had been in to see her, and that he wanted to speak with me. I told her this was quite impossible, as the mortician was in Wellington KS. She then said “Well, isn’t the funeral going to be on Tues.?” At this I couldn’t control the chuckle as I explained to her that we really couldn’t have a funeral till she had died. She seemed to clear up, and was herself. Anita and I later learned that she had mistaken her Dr. for the mortician. Thinking no more of it we continued plans to move her back to her apt, and calling in hospice.

When my niece Casie Katzer arrived at the hosp, Grandma told her that “I will be done with this by day after tomorrow, but Andrea thinks it might be longer.” We moved her back to her apt at the manor with Hospice care, and she remained clear and able to converse with family and friends till late afternoon Wed.

She regained enough awareness on Thurs. afternoon to realize that my sister Amy had arrived safely from Michigan; however, as the evening wore on she became quite restless, so the nurse administered pain medication to relieve her discomfort, enabling her to relax. Once beginning to do that she declined rapidly and at 5:45 when the nurses came in to adjust her, they told us to come into the room, as she was slipping away. We girls and our cousin Donna Gibson circled the bed and began praying, ending by singing the doxology. When we finished singing, she had slipped the bonds of earth passing away at 6 a.m. this morning—the day after tomorrow from Wed. and yes, the funeral is Tues. We will all be able to be there and celebrate her home going.