Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The book was better………

How many times have you watched a movie based on a book you read and said the above?

Why does Hollywood take an incredible story, (they obviously thought it was incredible or they wouldn’t have TRIED to make a movie out of it), and mess it up?

This is the second time Roger and I have watched movies based on books we have read, and been disappointed by the way the movie industry dissected it to be what they wanted it to be.

When they have to do that I am thinking they are better off just leaving it alone rather than ruin the story.

The two movies I’m referring to are the The Long Walk by Slavomir Rawicz made into the movie The Way Back and The Belski Brothers by Peter Duffy, made into the movie Defiance.

Both of these books were written about events that took place during WWII. They are excellent stories of resilience and courage, sacrifice and strength. But if you have read the books you realize they came up light in those attributes when you watch the film.

When I have read a book where the author is recording history and the movie industry puts sex where there was none, and violence where there was none, and changes the story to represent what THEY want it to be I’m saddened……because as Roger said. “It was a good story. Why didn’t they just tell it the way it was? Why mess with it? They must have thought it was a good story too and should be told, so why did they change it?”

Are endurance, strength, sacrifice for the sake of others such boring concepts to hold people’s attention that they feel they have to put a sex scene, pornography, violence, and foul language in where the author, even if it was present, or happened, didn’t deem it necessary to mention it in the book?

I guess the thing that bothers me is that we are such a visual society, that more people will see the movie than read the book. The story will be told wrong, and the author and the events of his life or their lives misrepresented to the world. If I had done the things that the Belski Brothers or Slavomir Rawicz had done, I would be saddened by the “liberty” that had been taken with the facts.

Like I said, the book is better…….