Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Trip part 1.............Reconnecting

I spent 10 days traveling the state of Washington. Visiting friends and family was on the agenda, but the ultimate purpose was to reconnect with a DEAR family friend, and make a delivery.

Both went off without incident and I am so glad that I went, even though it meant leaving Rog and Lily behind.

A dear family friend, Leonard Deets, moved out to Stanwood Washington three years ago to be closer to his daughter Anne, and leaving his Kansas home of 87 years. Talk about a step of faith!?!
Leonard and his wife Katherine lived across the road from my parents when we all lived in the country on the farm. He and Katherine had actually attended High School with my mother at South Haven. For the full story of the history you can read it at Nestin and Restin blogspot pt 2” by my sister Anita.
Leonard celebrated his 90th birthday last Dec. and since Mother passed away everyone encouraged me to go see him, knowing that it would be a balm to my soul; it was.
We talked, shared stories, memories, and had devotions every morning together. There are some people who God brings into your life that there is absolutely no doubt of their purpose, and Leonard’s role in my life is abundantly clear.
When Daddy died, Leonard and Katherine were the first people to come to our house. They arrived early and stayed late for many days immediately following, helping in any and every way. Of all the things I DON'T remember about those terrible days, I DO remember Katherine putting me to bed those first few nights, and sitting there with me till I fell asleep. Later when I needed a “father” to fill a void at Sunday school, or a school event, Leonard was my surrogate. I watched these two people live out their faith in front of me all my life, and when the reality of Jesus Christ became a choice, I understood it because of their example.
Leonard was instrumental in both my Dad’s and I’s salvation and other’s in my family as well. He means the world to me, and is the closest thing to my real parents I can remember. Seeing him, and spending hours talking about the father I never really knew, but only had images of was a priceless time and one that will never be duplicated in any way. Laughing about the memories of my mother in her last days, and sharing those with him and his daughter and son in law were the “medicine” that this heart needed.

Some trips are necessary and complete a circle. This was one of those trips. If I never see Leonard again in this life but have to wait till heaven for one of those kinds of “sit-down” visits, I’m satisfied…………so satisfied.

Next, “The Delivery"