Friday, September 18, 2009

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair!

I received an invitation last week to attend the State Fair with my sister Anita to help her celebrate her birthday. The Gaither Vocal Band was performing; one of her favorites, and her husband had bought her tickets. She invited me to join her so off we went.
I used to go the State Fair almost yearly when homeschooling the kids, and we always enjoyed all the new things we got to do and see; even without kids, it did not disappoint.
We went through every building, checking out all the exhibits, artwork, the butter sculpture, and watched gifted painters paint…with spray paint!
We visited the “nursery” where the cows, sheep, pigs, alpaca’s, were all giving birth, or about to, and saw a brand new Holstein calf (still wet), and baby lambs. Did you know that a sheep can carry four lambs at once? I knew they had twins, but not quads. Unfortunately, only one of them survived, and he was the tiniest little lamb we had ever seen.
Highlights for me included getting to run a long arm quilting machine. I’ve seen them in magazines, but never had the opportunity to actually run one. Fun? You bet, and I was salivating, till I heard the price. WHOA!?!?! I’ll just keep quilting by hand, thank you.
When we went to visit the building that displayed the quilts, and domestic entries, we were probably there the longest. We strolled very slowly admiring all the beautiful quilts, wonder why some didn’t get blues, and others did. We ask aloud, how do they determine with so many beautiful quilts, which one deserves to be grand champion…….then we saw it. I wish I had taken a picture, but my camera phone wouldn’t have done it justice. It was a masterpiece, and upon close inspection realized WHY it was the Grand Champion.
The decorated cake entries were also outstanding, and to realize that all of the decorations are frosting as you stand and admire them makes you gasp. Who knew you could do that with frosting?

We sat and watched a show of trick riders dressed like Gypsies performing many amazing stunts on the backs of some beautiful horses.

We were wondering where they were from, some foreign country perhaps? They had come to the KS state fair from Alaska; from Russia perhaps? But no, upon hearing folks talk to them after the performance we found out they came from Orlando Florida!!!
Talking a mile a minute and eating way to much junk food, we had a wonderful day, capping it off with a great concert by the Gaither Vocal Band. I love a good tenor, and they had three of the best, so it measured up to all expectations.
Anita is a retired teacher, but I had to agree with her when she stated that all 5th graders should be taken to the fair, not to the carnival, but to the fair exhibits. It is a learning experience for every age.