Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just what I need.........a project!

Well, I’m married to a Carpenter/Contractor, but our house needs to be shingled, new flooring, new toilet in the master bath, and the deck added to the south side of the house so the French doors we put in our bedroom a few years ago will actually lead to something other than thin air; “watch that first step” type of deal.
You know the old saying? "The cobblers children have no shoes, the mechanics car never runs, and the carpenters house is never finished." Wish I’d had know that saying about 33 years ago. :)
I digress……………..
It has started, in the process of replacing the master bath toilet, the idea of replacing carpet with tile has sprung up. Then maybe a new counter top on the vanity. While we are cutting and laying tile, why not tear up the carpet in Nics bath and put down the tile we had left over from building the house. Well, while we have the toilet pulled, I'll paper that wall and put up the border I intended to put up, oh, about 12 years ago!?!?
I’ve started running back and forth to the flooring store, bringing home samples, and trying to choose.
Mind you, I DO NOT want to redecorate my house----FAR FROM IT!!! I am perfectly happy with my dated colors, and out of style.......... um, style. But I am thrilled to be “cleaning” up some things. Rog is a whirlwind when he gets to going (one of the reasons, people love him, he is fast AND good), so when he is ready to DO something, we DO it!
The first evening we had the carpet, pad, tack strip torn out, the sinks pulled, and new formica on the counter top and the sinks back in, all between supper and bed, oh! and part of the subfloor down. Last night, we pulled both toilets (don't ask. Lets just say YUGH!), pulled the carpet, pad and tack in Nics bath, and he glued and nailed the subfloor in our bath. Today I paper, and he finishes getting the floor upstairs ready, then I am thinking that over the 4th we lay tile, and finish. I'll post pics when we are done. So in the next few days……………pray for us :) By the way, the toilets are sitting outside, one on the deck out back, and the other out front on the porch downstairs..........can you say YARD ART!!! :)