Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The "Project"...........almost done.

O.K. the whole reason for the bath redo was because we got a new TOILET!!!! now that is a huge deal in the Cerretti household. When we built our house Rog wanted everyone to have their own "pot". With the addition of the shop, we even have an extra one for guests; no waiting :) If your not laughing out loud you should be.
As promised, pictures of the new pot, tile floor and vanity top. When he got ready to lay the tile, Rog wanted to know if I wanted it put down at an angle. (Like he thought he needed another challenge!?!?) Now if you know us and have seen our house we are BIG into angles; so I said, "why not?" I think he did an outstanding job, as usual. It is B-E-A-U-Tiful!

Nic's floor is done, the wallpaper up, and we will re-set "the pot" this evening with more pics to come. I really should have had some before and after shots, but how often do you actually take pictures of your bathroom?