Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sign Up!

Ever had that feeling like your missing something? Like everyone knows a secret you don’t? People are talking about things, and going places, and you don’t know where? Well I found out where “it” is.


My kids talk about facebook. Audrey informs me of what is going on in the lives of people we know who live at other ends of the country, and we haven’t seen in years and when I question her: “HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS!?!?!” her response, “Oh, I read it on their facebook page.”

The other evening we hosted a party for the college students in our church and the sponsor was taking pictures. I asked her if she would e-mail them to me, and one of the young ladies piped up and ask, “Are you on facebook?” I said I had an e-mail account, a blog I write on, two in fact, and why did I “need” facebook?

“Oh, you would love it, Andrea!” she replied with this enormous grin on her face. I figured there was something behind that grin, and I was intrigued to find out.

Well, let me just say, “WOW!!!”

When you sign up it checks out your e-mail address list, and automatically brings up anyone listed in your e-mail who has a Facebook page. Let’s just say that was just about everyone. Then when you go to their page, and find other people you know, you can “ask” them to be your friend too and included in your network. Let me just say that in my entire life I never knew that I knew so many people, much less had so many friends, past and present. It is sort of amazing to see all those little squares come up of people you know, who you consider friends, and of course family, and realize that it doesn’t even include those that aren’t on facebook, i.e. example my sisters. I immediately found the page of a friend from High school, and she had pictures posted of her beautiful grandchildren that I never would have been able to see if not for, you got it, facebook.

Now, I don’t consider myself “techno savey”, but I am glad I am now “in the loop”. This morning I got to see pictures of our little great nephew Henry, featured earlier in this blog. Audrey has already warned me, “Mom, don’t get addicted to facebook!” I assured her I wouldn’t, but it is going to be soooo nice to keep up with so many people even if it is in just a quip of a comment they post about their day, and their lives. Connection, communication, what fun! I think that is what I like about the internet the most anyway.