Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Perspective or a Miracle?

I look at things a little differently than most people. I spend quite a bit of time reading the Bible, studying it when I have questions, and marvel at the similarities that I see in things that happened centuries ago and things that are happening now.
History and archeology have proven many of the things in the Bible are true, and really happened. So when I read the Old Testament account of the miracles that God performed for the children of Israel to bring them out of Egypt I am amazed, and find it hard to imagine witnessing fire and hail falling from the same sky, or the Nile River (or any river) turning to blood. The idea that if I put blood from an unblemished lamb on my door frame, God will spare me a horrid consequence let alone part an entire sea, is still beyond me sometimes. However sometimes things do happen in our lives that if we are willing to admit and realize that from a spiritual perspective they are indeed miracles, we too can say that we have seen the Hand of God.
This past weekend was Angel Food distribution. Once again they threatened not only precipitation, but a blizzard, and ice storm. Many people contacted me on Fri. inquiring as to what was going to happen to their boxes of food if they weren’t there to pick them up; I had no idea.
The truck driver called, just as he was crossing the Texas line into Oklahoma also wondering if he DID make it to Emporia would we be able to unload the truck. I assured him that weather hadn’t stopped us yet, and we didn’t expect it to stop us this time. I promised him I’d pray for him.
When I visited with Anita Fri. morn, it had started snowing in the southern part of the state, and another friend who always drives in from the west, not an hour away, also said it had been snowing since morning. I prayed.
Sure enough, Fri. eve it began to rain. It froze on the grass, and the trees, but early Sat. morning, the rain had stopped and the pavement was dry, and when I arrived at the church, there sat our semi truck full of food.
We started unloading, and all went well, the truck driver commented that in all his driving for Angel Food, he had never had a truck unloaded so quickly; we got him on his way to Topeka, before the storm hit as he needed to get home to Missouri after that.
Distribution started, and not long into it, the sleet started, and then wet heavy snow. Car doors froze shut, the snow piled up on the slush of sleet underneath and the cars kept coming and picking up food.
By 11:00 we were done distributing with one box of food left, and it was an extra. People left and made it safely home but yes the storm was a bad one.
Wasn’t it just a weather phenomenon that the cloud didn’t really hit Emporia till Sat. morning AFTER we had unloaded the truck and the majority of the food had been picked up?
Wasn’t it just coincidence that the truck driver shared that as he drove through the heart of the storm and saw two vehicles, both with four-wheel drive, spin out right in front of him and go into the ditch, that HE DIDN’T?
Isn’t it just happenstance that EVERY box got picked up, and everyone who ordered, and even some who didn’t, received food?
I could say it was all those things, but it wasn’t.
You see, God did rain down fire and hail on Egypt, and send plagues of frogs, and locusts, and flies. He did turn the water in the Nile River to blood, and He parted the Red Sea for them to walk across on dry ground. He spared them from death through the blood of a perfect lamb smeared on their door frames. Later in the Bible He enables a little shepherd boy to kill a 9 foot man with a slingshot and a stone. The healings, deliverance from demons, resurrections from death, we call miracles.
So yes, I believe that God held back the cloud and the storm for us to distribute food to people who needed it. I believe that He heard my prayers, and many others for the safety of the driver and those that needed to come pick up. I know that He saw to it that every box that had a place to go got there.
In the Old Testament accounts of the Exodus, the explanation of the miracles and wonders of God were so that “Egypt would know there is a God in Israel and that God IS God.” I've never doubted that God is God, but it was exciting, encouraging, and awesome to witness a miracle first hand.
Next time you "witness" something strange, unexplainable, or odd, check your perspective, and marvel at "the Hand of God."