Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More shots of Vegas.........

I thought I'd give you a little travel journal, since I'm not feeling my best today,and am voiceless, I thought I would do a little recording of memories through photos.
When we made our plans for the trip to Vegas and then on to Phoenix, Audrey, Ryan and I knew that we would be on our own for the lions share of the time in Vegas, as Rog and Nic would be occupied with "all things concrete".
The best part of the trip started at the airport in Vegas when these three walked off the plane arriving from Phoenix. WOHOO!!
I also got to relish spending the evening introducing my family to my best friend from High School, Donna Lyons Thomas and her husband Jim from Mesquite NV. BLAST!! They had us all laughing till our sides ached, and we throughly enjoyed the time, it just wasn't long enough.
The next day while Nic and Roger were learning about acid washed and decorative concrete, Ryan, Audrey and I walked down the stip to take in the sights. Here is where the architecture blows you away. Lets just say that when money is no object you can do anything in the middle of the dessert. We wandered in and out of hotels and shops, all the while I'm sure my mouth was hanging open, and looking like the little mid-western housewife I am. The Belligio was my favorite, but Audrey favored the Venetian. Below are the shots of the Belligio; Audrey is an excellent photographer and did a great job capturing the things that stood out to us the most.
These are the shots of the famous Dale Chihuly blown glass sculptures featured in and around the Billagio The Conservatory and the amazing mosiac floors in the conservatory. When we took Roger and Nic back that evening, Roger didn't know weather to look up or down, as there was so much to take in.
Another Chihuly blown glass sculpture featured in the piano lounge. About 6 ft. tall.

Next was the Venetian--Audrey's favorite, with a father who is a builder, she could appreciate so much of what we saw.

We had to have our picture taken infront of the horse fountain.......of course!

Can you say AMAZING!!!!