Thursday, February 12, 2009

Las Vegas & the World of Concrete

No, it isn't a metaphor for some deeper meaning post, we have actually been gone this past week to LasVegas to attend the World of Concrete Convention; and yes, there actually is such a thing, so go ahead and laugh, everyone else we told laughed:)
Roger receives all kind of trade magazines, and one of them comes from the concrete company that he uses for jobs, and the WOC (as it is commonly called), is advertised in there all the time. He has always wanted to go, so this year we took the plunge, ordered tickets, made reservations, called the kids and they flew up to meet us, and away we went!
LasVegas in itself is an amazing place on SO MANY LEVELS........., the architecture is unbelievable, and truly worth the trip. The fountain show, like the one featured at the end of the movie Oceans 11, at the Belligio is spectacular and definitly worth taking time to see. Some of the other attractions..(and you know what I mean)......not sa much! However, on Fri. morning after Nic and Rog had attended their last seminar Ryan, Audrey and I walked over to the convention center and joined them.
Ahh, to be at a construction convention of any kind, I felt right at home. Roger and Nic had told us about the power trowlers, and how fun they looked, and that they were allowing people to run them. So when we got to the show, that was one of the first things the guys showed us. The salesman eyed Audrey right off, and asked her if she wanted to run one. Now remember this is the girl who is a certified fire fighter, and can drive a full size fire truck; little power trowler? NO BIG DEAL!!!, Nic, not to be outdone by "the sister", stepped right in for the larger version and they were off, dodging little orange cones and each other on the slab of concrete that had been poured just for this event. I had my camera on my phone, thus the quality of the pictures, but I had to record the event.
Next we were off to wander some of the other exhibits, concrete saws, pumper trucks, and concrete tools of every shape, size and description you can imagine. The convention channel on the TV (yes, they actually have an entire channel dedicated to happenings at the convention center) in the hotel had been featuring the Makita tool booth the days we were there, and so Rog and Nic had wanted to check out the hammer drills, etc. They were comparing jackhammers, so Nic stepped up to try one, Audrey was right behind him. They took turns running the different ones, and when it was all over decided the Makita was definitely the easiest one to run. (like they are such experts on jack hammers!?!?)
Ryan and Rog and I were too busy laughing, and watching them "play".
Rog learned about acid etching on concrete, and how to pour a concrete counter top in place at the seminars, talked to lots and lots of sales reps, and saw people of every race and nationality. On the plane ride to Phoenix on Sat, I sat next to a gentleman who was the acct rep for the largest concrete company in the southwest. In our conversation I mentioned that my husband and I noticed the many foreigners at the show. He replied that he had talked to people from Iraq, Iran, Israel, Mogadishu, China.......and many others.
The show itself was an experience, let alone LasVegas. I have a feeling this isn't the first trip to the World of Concrete convention we will be making.