Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Trip "Up North"

For those of you who read this blog, I have been gone for a 10 day trip with my three sisters and two of my cousins on a trip to northern Michigan. Thus the beautiful picture!

It is good to be home, although I must recommend such a trip to anyone who wants to see spectacular fall foliage. As we traveled north to Traverse City, the sun was shining on the trees, and they literally glowed. I commented that it was almost like God had plugged them in. My cousin Donna reminded me with a grin on her face “that He did it just for us.”

Our visit to Mackinaw Island was something that the anticipation was worth. It was on a typical Michigan fall day, with chilly breezes, drizzly rain, and cloudiness that sort of just “settled”, but it was the ideal environment to spend a day on an island where the mode of transportation is horse drawn carriage, or bicycle. It doesn’t suggest, but requires you to “slow down”; literally. The Grand Hotel is the cherry on top to remind you of a gentler time where propriety, and manners, gentleness and care were taken in all things. I recommend it!