Friday, October 3, 2008

Who you gonna vote for.......God!

The media has either shunned her, or edited her to look like a stumbling bumbling inarticulate VP candidate. However, last night Sarah Palin showed us that under pressure she is a quick study, and can deliver when the situation demands it. Considering she is the Governor from Alaska, and not a U.S. Senator of 30 years experience in the Washington politic machine, I think she did really well. I was impressed how quick on her feet she was, and had obviously been doing some homework on policies, etc. I admire her willingness to be thrown, literally, into the deep end of the pool. I wouldn’t want to be in her position for all the money in the world.

Joe Biden was the well mannered elder statesman that he should have been. His answers reflected his years of experience, and he responded in the typical political lingo that we have all come to, ho-hum, expect from senators with his credentials, and qualifications.

Nothing splashy here. Nothing to get worked up about. Nothing to help us “decide” who would be the better at “the job” if it came down to it.

I do think that people are judging John McCain on George Bush’s 8 years in office, instead of his own record, and what he will bring to the office if elected. Obviously, it isn’t going to be business as usual, Sarah Palin is on board, and I can’t quite pigeon hole her in the “business as usual” category.

I ask someone the other day who they were going to vote for and they said Barak Obama. Why? They are ready for a change—she couldn’t tell me what kind of change, but she was ready for change.

I asked someone else a day or two later who they were going to vote for and they replied John McCain. Why? She didn’t think America was ready for a black president.

Answers like this scare the be-jeezers out of me.

I’m glad when people vote, I’m thrilled that they take the time to get out there and register, and vote, but OH MY!! The lack of information that determines those opinions is terrifying.

I’m not an expert on either political candidate, and I have to admit that my reasons for voting for whom I will vote for might seem just as inane as those mentioned above, but I’ve checked voting records, and I’ve read transcripts of interviews, and debates (we don’t get television), and I feel a little more informed than most of the people I ask about it. I don’t try to change anyone’s mind; I just go home and pray for God to be in control of what happens on Nov. 4th. I trust Him, and am actually taking him with me to the voting booth. I hope you will too.