Saturday, September 6, 2008

You can't legislate morality....or something like that

There is a big discussion going on in the city of Emporia right now about banning smoking in public places. Everyone has thier side, and opinion, but I did find one friend of ours, a woman who grew up in Romanina during the overthrow of Ceau┼čescu, interesting. She knows what it is to live in a Communist country and be controlled by the govt. She has a daughter that her father has only seen one time, be cause she hasn't been back to Romania since the baby was born 4 years ago, and her father isn't permitted to come to the United States because he still works, her mother is considered retired thus can come and visit.
Our friend stated the other night at a dinner she was attending that she didn't feel they should ban smoking in public places. Now at a dinner table of Conservative Christions when she said it you could have heard a pin drop. Needless to say, she was encouraged to explain her statement. She continued, "That's how it happens. First they take your right to smoke in public places, then they take your guns." You really couldn't argue with her logic, she had seen it happen first hand. She has a valid point, but lets take that to the abortion issue (ooo Hot topic!) First they take your rights of what you do to your own body, and then they take your guns. Isn't that what the abortion advocates would say?
I always like to travel back in time, so lets take a little trip. What if they controlled your choice to get pregnant in the first place (like China), that would do away with the NEED for abortion. Just like if they banned cigaretts all together no one would smoke, then the issue of smoking in public places would be mute wouldn't it? How far can we take this?
We as Christians tell people that God is a gentleman, and will not force you to love him. It is a choice. Maybe you don't think you can compare God's love to wanting a cigarette, or having an abortion but believe me with the thinking out there now a days, there are people that do.
You know what they say. You can't legislate morality......or something like that.