Monday, September 15, 2008

A Kitchen Sink Shrine by the Kitchen Madonna

KM's Kitchen Sink Shrine
Finding God Amongst the Pots & Pans (06/28/06)

Great saints of the Church have known that God may be found while elbow deep in suds and dirty dishes. Saint Teresa of Avila claimed that “The Lord walks among the pots and pans.” Her spiritual son (generations removed) St. Lawrence of the Resurrection, a humble monastery cook and clean-up guy, is famous for his conversations with a learned bishop about how to practice the Presence of God while washing pots and pans. His surprising approach to the spiritual life is studied to this day.

For this reason, the kitchen madonna has a kitchen sink shrine. On the windowsill there are holy cards, statuettes, a miniature tea set, printed prayers, prayer list, and dried roses. And of course that greatest rotating display: first clean dishes, then dirty dishes, clean dishes again, nasty pots, clean pans and so it goes.

This is where the action is.
Spiritual battle isn't for sissies.

(Where is that group discount on dishwashing gloves and heavy-duty hand lotion?)

Those of you reading are probably asking yourselves "Why would you post pictures of dirty dishes, and soapy dishwater!?!? Because reading the Kitchen Madonna's post on the Kitchen Sink Shrine made me realize that most of us have one, without realizing it or not. If you are a wife, mother, or if you do dishes at all, and who doesn't, I think you will relate. Without realizing it, I have one item from each of my sisters,and a scripture reminder the Lord gave me right after Mother passed away, when my days seemed so empty.
From Anita

From Amy

From Alane

Whats on your windowsill?


  1. THIS is a great question! And, it is so true: there's no therapy session like a nice pile of dishes.

    On my window sill is a white rock, a treasure from one of my kids I'm sure but I'm not sure which one and so it just stays put.

    Also, looped over the twisty handle that opens the window is a green beaded bracelet that I just haven't been able to relinquish to the girls' stash yet. My favorite ring outside of my wedding ring fits perfectly here as well. I always take it off to wash and never remember to put it back on. It makes me think of my husband!

  2. A small metalic Moose, which helps me pretend we live in a cabin with a mountain view. And real live sparrows outside the window every day. I wanted finches or robins, but the sparrows remind me that God loves me and cares about every little detail of my life.

  3. I don't have a good sill on the window over my sink. But there is usually a little styrofoam cup filled with dirt and a bean sprout or sometimes a cup with water and a weed or two that have been lovingly picked from outside - probably the neighbor's yard. My favorite kitchen thing is on the other side - the Swedish love knot given as a wedding gift and meant to bless our marriage.

    I write about this kitchen phenomenon in my book. It's amazing how it always seems to work.