Thursday, September 4, 2008


O.K. I am not a “political person” and I have said I was not going to use this blog to blog about politics, God knows there are enough others out there doing it for us, but this blog isn’t about politics, it is about the media that are supposedly reporting (or they call it that) about the Presidential race.
There are SO many words that come to mind right now to describe how the media is and isn’t handling the information in this presidential race.
Politics has become the piranha feast that it is, and we in the public perceive it to be, because of the media feeding frenzy that goes on all around it. When I think of all the highly qualified individuals in this country who could and should run for public office for the good of their fellow man and the country, and won’t because they openly admit they don’t want their private lives drug through the sludge and mud that the media invariably seems to do, and the public has come to expect, and passes for “reporting”, it makes me sick!
Roger and I don’t have television anymore, and only use our TV for watching movies. All the news we get is on the radio, or on the internet, or out of the paper but it doesn’t matter where you turn, the bias, one way or another is unbelievable. I read and watch some things on the internet, and after I've watched it and hear the media reporting that goes on afterwards, I ask "did we hear the same thing?" "Were you really sitting there listening?" If they were, they either spin it to be what they want it to be or feel free to offer thier opinion which last time I checked, WASN'T NEWS, BUT SIMPLY AN OPINION!!! (Rog would say I am getting worked up, I guess somebody should).
It is time for the public in this country to start demanding accountability and accuracy in the media’s “performance”. But then if we don’t demand it of our elected officials why would we demand it of those that report about their choices and behaviors.
I will vote Nov. 4th, but I am going to do my level best to do it based on information that I have gotten, not from the media, but by my own research, something I recommend to others as well. I’m tired of being told half truths, or someone elses’ version of the truth, or not the truth at all.
There I’m done. Thanks for reading, and GOD BLESS AMERICA..........PLEASE!!!!