Monday, June 16, 2008

My Daughter: THE FIREMAN?!?!?!?!

When Audrey was born, I visualized her doing lots of things in her life, but I have to say she has far and away surpassed any expectations I ever had of her with this, her latest accomplishment.
When she was a little girl she would stand on the stool at the kitchen counter helping me make cookies, or fix a meal, and I would listen to her tell me how she wanted to grow up and be a "scientist". I always told both of my children there was nothing they couldn't do, if they just set their minds to it, and they have both proven that point over and over.
Audrey has fulfilled her dream of becoming a "scientist". She works in a laboratory with lab coats, safety goggles, test tubes, the whole she-bang, testing water, diesel fuel, etc; all the things involved with her job. However the one thing she does with her job that I never heard her aspire to when she was a small child was becoming a firefighter.
Yep, my daughter, the same gorgeous girl over in the column of "my favorite people", in that beautiful wedding gown, is part of the Fire Brigade at the Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant where she works. She has a big red bag that she keeps in the back of her car that she carries her "gear" in. She can dress out in under 4 min. and she qualified to fight fires inside the confines of the plant; she even knows how to drive, and that means maneuver and park, a full size fire engine; not a ladder truck, but a big fire engine one that actually came from a fire station in New York City, that was located 2 miles from Ground Zero (the company lost two firemen in 9/11).
She gets excited telling us about her training, going into a burning building, and dragging out a 165 lb. dummy, and being able to hold a fire hose by herself for at least 30 seconds.
Can you tell I am impressed? I am! Roger and I are captivated at the idea that this young woman that we raised from a little girl, who when I actually think about it, wasn't really ever afraid to do too many things, is putting herself out there to do this thing of fighting fires if necessary.
She modeled her gear for us yesterday, showed us how it is stowed in her bag, which is why she is able to dress out in under 4 min. She had everything but her hat,face mask, and tanks of air, but we got the idea.
The possibility of her actually every having to fight a fire is remote (thank God), but it is still pretty impressive to think that if the situation arises, she will be qualified, and knowledgeable to do so.
I always knew she was going to grow up to be a remarkable woman, and I am seeing it come true right before my eyes. AMAZING!!!