Saturday, March 15, 2008


I’ve lost my voice.

I’m sure it is around here somewhere it’s not like I would misplace something like that, considering how much I use it—please, no comments. My kids tease me that I talk so much that when they walk into a room and catch me alone I am even talking to MYSELF!.......I tell them it is the only way I am assured of an intelligent answer. Har, Har, Har!
About 13 years ago, Roger had a construction accident where he broke his jaw, and had to have his mouth wired shut for 6 weeks. There were all kinds of comments and jokes about it being a good thing it happened to him, and not me—very funny!
I’ve been a chatter box all my life. People will say Roger and I are perfectly suited, because I don’t NEED him to talk. So when he doesn’t it is OK with me. God knew what he was doing when he put the two of us together.
And speaking of Him knowing what he is doing, I can’t help but find not a little irony in the fact that one of the weaknesses of my physical body (thorn in the flesh sort of thing) seems to be my voice. Whenever I catch a cold, it seems to find its way into a very comfortable position, and settle in my throat, i.e. voice, and ear tubes. Then I am voiceless.
This I have learned is usually a perfect time to be quiet in spirit as well in voice. I do seem to do this at least once every winter, so am not surprised when it happens, just annoyed initially at the “inconvenience”; I’m sure God gets a real chuckle out of the fact I am annoyed and feeling inconvenienced.
So this is my quiet time, but you see, with the computer, I am still able to express myself. I’m sure God is smiling, and just shaking his head at me. Does it mean that if my computer crashes I’ve been a naughty girl? :)