Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yoga & Prayer

I do yoga. Are you surprised, a born again, saved, Christian, doing yoga?
I don't do the kind where you contort your body into all kinds of odd positions, (although I do wish I was that flexible), I do the gentle yoga.
When I went to my first yoga class, I listened to what the instructor said, paying attention for anything that might be "anti-Christian", or not "good" for a Chiristion to be doing. Believe me I would be the first among many to say I am not divine, (just thinking about that is hysterical), and I am not on any other plane than this one, life is just to "real" for me to even go there. However, it does help me physically. I can see a tremendous difference when I do my practice, but it also helps me to STOP!
I view yoga as a physical exercise that incorporates both my mind and body.
I was NEVER athletic in school, or since then in any way. I hated the competativeness of sports, for all the fun your were supposed to be having participating, the winning always seemed to take precidence over that. Yoga is something I can do that I don't compete in to get in shape.
The best part of it for me is the stopping....everything else. Try stopping sometime, it isn't that easy. I'm not just talking about your body, but your mind too. Stopping you mind, especially now a days--yep, pretty hard.
It is a great discipline for prayer if you struggle in the area of keeping your mind focused. Meditation and prayer are two disciplines Jesus practiced regularly, and to his benefit. There is much to be said for stopping, clearing your mind of all the issues at hand, and "centering" on what is really worth thinking about. I encourage you to give it a try.